Specialty Series and Programs

Along with full length feature films, Goodson Films also produces quality programs and series called specialty series.

These series are more that just entertainment but are educational, thought provoking, and designed to reach and inspire many.

Childeren's programs, Science and discovery, appreciation of Artistic expression as well as specialized interests are such areas of focus.

You will find that these programs stand out in that they are rich in detail and content.

Series Notes

Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Project 4
Planning 1 Planning 2 Planning 3 Planning 4
January 15 January 15 January 30 January 30

Project Time

Time varies from project to project, as different programs have different schedules. If you have something to contribute please conatct Goodson Films with on eof the methods below.


Goodson Films along with this quality programming also has the following services availible. If you have a program or short you would ike assistance producing please contact us.


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