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Goodson Films, a creative battery, and the future of entertainment. It's more than film production. It's bringing visions to life.

Along with the full length feature projects, Goodson films also produces commercials in conjunction with creative agencies as well as music videos for recording artists. Our music production department will bring the elements you need to your music so it becomes what you originally envisioned. The creative process will bring to the surface aspects you might still have dormant.

We have an experienced staff outside of projects that include extremely talented producers, directors and staff that have an amazing chemistry ready to accent and support any project.

When not filming on location we film in our cutting edge studios located in amazing Las Vegas that combine the tradions of great film making and modern developments.

Our Speciaty series are filmed in our studios where we have many projects alive and breathing. Informatative, educational, entertaining and ground breaking, these projects will inspire.

Always taking substantial steps towards the future, we look forward to working with you.

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