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  • Progress is being made. We are closer than we have been, and the immediate goal on the path to the Milestone is the opening of the Initial Office where the first group of staff memebers and project team members will be working on some of the main projects, including film, music, and advertising. As things progress and more project information is availible, the goals & project page will be added.


  • This is an exciting time. Goodson films is currently working towards the beginning of the constructin phase, which also includes contacting shareholders and gathering neccesary investment capitol. Following the gathering of the founding members, the initial HQ will be opened, construction will begin, film projects exclusive to goodson films will continue towards the goal of completion, as will specialty series and music projects. The timeline for construction will be released once all agreements have been made. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive alerts! (bottom left)


  • Reasons why the latest final cut pro is Goodson Films' choice for editing. Check out the amazing features in v10.1.3, which include Simplified Media Management.

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  • As part of the equipmet utilized in producing our high quality motion projects, Goodson Films utilizes Black Magic Design URSA 4k Digital Cinema Cameras.

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  • Office Concept

    Although the inner office concept has received a large amount of time in terms of design and function, the overall layout won't be disclosed until constrution begins, which is reliant upon shareholder agreements. Shareholders will have access upon written request. Click the link to see the base exterior concept on our gallery page.

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  • Music Projects

    Oct 20: New Recording Begins

    Smelicula begins recording thier new songs, with plans for local venue.

    Oct 19: Final Mix

    Smiling Manatee's final mix in progress.

  • Upcoming Events

    Magna phasellus

    21st January

    Motley Crue to visit for recording event, along with Gene Simmons of Legendary Kiss

    Jason Sudeikis prefers duct tape to rope.

    15th October

    Team arrives for new project reading. Movie projectA begins.

    Film Appreciation Classes to be offered. Details to follow.